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TGC Theory applied to hanging?

TGC Theory applied to hanging?

My main concern right now is that over the past 4 months I have gained approximately ZERO in BPEL and about 1/4” to 1/2” in BPFSL. So right now as of today I am about 6.5” BPEL and 7.25”-7.50” BPFSL. When I started 8 months ago, these measurements were even at about 6.1”. I have been doing combination manual stretching and wet jelqing.

Regarding TGC theory.. Does this really mean I should lay off length exercises and do girth exercises now (at 0.75”-1.0” difference)? I was always a bit under the impression to stick with length until you reach your goal then do girth.

If the TGC theory holds true, how does it apply to hangers? I never really hear of hangers doing very much girth exercises. They seem to stick to hanging for 6-12 months or until they reach there goal. Do you hanger people not have problems with BPFSL going way up and BPEL not following?

Thanks for any help.

Started: BPFSL: 6.18" BPEL: 6.14" MEG: 4.70" BEG: 4.70" (July 2014)

After JP90: BPFSL: 6.85" BPEL: 6.58" MEG: 4.70" BEG: 4.70" (Sep 2014) Break until July 2015

JP90 & Clamp BPFSL: 7.13" BPEL: 6.65" MEG: 4.80" BEG: 4.90" (Sep 2015)

I would jelq after hanging sessions. Wait for the most experienced users though.

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TGC theory is bunk, so it’s best to ignore it.

A lot of the successful hanger do jelq as well. They just don’t talk about it much because it’s kind of obvious. So maybe add jelqing to your routine. It’s good to surprise your penis and to work in multiple directions.

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