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Testicular torsion

Testicular torsion

Hey all, just had a trip to the doctors office because I noticed a lump just above my left testicle, not on the testicle, but almost as if something is tangled up above it. Doc says the teste is a little inflamed but should have nothing to worry about because I haven’t noticed any pain at all, but it is still concerning me. I’ve read about testicular torsion, that it’s when the epididymis (I think that’s how you spell it?) gets tangled up like a phone chord and cuts off blood flow to the teste and hurts like a bitch. It looks as if that might be what’s going on here, but the only thing that’s missing is the pain. Any advice/input/past experiences would help? Thanks.


Thrust your doc in this one.

Testicular torsion is extremely painful and a surgical emergency… can lose the testical if it’s not un-torsed within 6 hours. Your issue sound like epididymitis. Don’t worry too much about it.

And please don’t “thrust” your doc as bird said unless he’s into that sort of thing.

But, I would trust him. :)

I’ve had testicular torsion and I can say that if you had it - you would be rolling around on the floor in agony about now, not typing about it on an internet forum (Unless you’re high as a kite on smack or something? :D )

There is a tiny little lump above the left (I think) testicle which is a normal gland of some description. I know because I had one and thought it might be some growth, but my doctor told me otherwise. Any doctor worth his salt would recognise something like that, too.

Whew, thanks guys.


It could be just a varicle. Basically a varicose vein in the scrotum. I’ve had one for years, (I checked with the doc when I first noticed it,) and it’s never caused any problems. I’ve had seven children since it’s developed so it won’t affect sterility either.

A buddy of mine in college has torsion. He found out about when he woke up one morning and his right nut was swollen to the size of a grapefruit and it hurt just to breathe. He was rushed to the emergency room, but they wound up taking it out. They stitched his left nut to his scrotum to prevent it from doing the same. His doctor told him that the one testicle alone would make more sperm than two for some obscure reason (I always suspected the doctor was just trying to make him feel better). Anyway, I found all this out as he drunkenly insisted on showing us his single testicle one night in a sauna.

HalfRusski 07-26-05 - BPEL 5.90", EG 5.0" 11-16-05 - BPEL 7.45", EG 5.625" Weather report - snow (what did you expect?!) What is a nice guy from Louisiana doing in a place like this?

I have this NOW.I swear to lord Jesus my right nut is still twisted ,I have been to he doctor twice about pain and my testicles being swollen ,(full) .I know the right one is twisted cause well it’s my right NUT and it faces the wrong direction,and I can just turn it back to normal

I even left the testicle turned the wrong way and asked the doc,IF HE THOUGHT IT WAS TWISTED .as I researched it ALOT ,and they aree not supposed the twist ,if they do they are supposed to twist them selves back to normal if not something is wrong

Well I got 2 ultrasounds ,blood test (alot of blood taken) .urine tests ,the whole nine yards.and they said the right testicle is getting blood fine ,I knew that as well as I heard my heart beating THROUGH my right testicle when getting the ultrasound.both times they said nothing is wrong but I had epididymitis .took the meds they helped but it still twisted,everything still works,comes out ok .but I just don’t understand it

My girlfriend said well maybe the nut just got USED to being twisted and adjusted to it,I’m guessing that happened,it still twist sideways from time to time after I lift something heavy ,but I just turn it back and go about my day .well guess that’s all I have to say

My right nut is a bit loose in the sack and will occasionally twist, but this is limited to about 180 degrees. I’m very conscious of the normal position of my right nut and immediately know when something is amiss. Fortunately when I notice it not in right position, I can rotate it back to normal spot. Where you get into problems is 360 to 720 degree rotation (sounds like what Half Russki’s buddy had in college) and it is s freakin emergency to save your jewel. I never went for the stitch to the scrotum routine - I just keep alert and correct when necessary. Depends on how loose you are within the sack - I guess I’m fortunate but really loose ones could conceivably rotate in your sleep - that’s bad ju-ju.

Also had a case of epididymitis (sp?) and went the ultrasound routine - have to admit that was fun (the ultrasound) with a somewhat acceptable nurse rubbing my nuts with warm lube, but the pain was incredible.

Good luck bud.

That’s how my right nut is HOWARD ,loose it doesn’t hang with the left one ,it will lay on it’s side when I’m on my back ,instead of upright with the left one.weird


Yup, I think it’s more common than we realize. Most guys probably don’t have a clue as to the “normal” position and in football get a knee to the nuts and don’t know something’s not right until it’s too late. If it really gets bothersome, consider the stitch route - it’s minor surgery and in the long run will ease your mind and protect your package.

Close call

I had a close call with this. I just got up from a sitting position one day and got some really serious pain above one of my testicles. My wife’s a nurse and she got me to go to the doctor immediately. (I ended up seeing a female resident before my regular doc came in. That was interesting.) My doctor took it very seriously—so much so that he called me personally the next day to be sure I was not experiencing any pain. In my case I may have come close to testicular torsion but not quite. Doc asks me about recurrences every time I visit (none thankfully). Bottom line, get it checked out or risk losing the family jewels.

Started PE late August, 2005: BPEL 5.875"

Oct 1, 2006: BPEL 6.9375"; Dec 1, 2006: 7.125"; Dec 7, 2007: 7.25"; February 22, 2008: 7.375"

Oh. My. God. I know there hasn’t been a reply to this in quite awhile, but I just need to share my story on this whole thing.

I’ve had a varicocele in my left testicle since I was 8 or 9, and thought it was completely normal for it to twist around…It didn’t hurt at all, save for the dull ache that a varicocele can bring sometimes.
When I told my doctor about this he was MORTIFIED. He immediately made me drop my knickers and proceeded to squeeze my left nut for what seemed like hours. When he was confident that it wasn’t twisted, he told me to immediately call 911 if it happened again, and not to touch it at all. Well, it didn’t happen again until my third sexual experience (I was 13). I was happily doing my thing when I felt that something just wasn’t right down there. I looked down, saw my testicle was rotated, and immediately freaked out and started pawing at it. I barely touched it, and it almost felt like it slid back into place. Needless to say, it was pretty hard to push that out of my brain and keep doing what I was doing, so I politely and awkwardly bowed myself out of the room and proceeded to look up anything I could on “twisted testicles”. The words “MEDICAL EMERGENCY” popped up frequently, and freaked my little hypochondriac ass out.

So, in total, it has happened at least 6 or 7 times (19 years old now). Those are the times I remember….No telling how many times it has happened that I just pretended it didn’t.

The fear of it happening again really freaks me out. It seems to happen while running and biking….Anything that makes my little dudes bounce around a lot. Which is unfortunate, because this fear cuts out any strenuous physical exercise. This stitching surgery sounds like a godsend to me….Not having to worry about losing my junk (pardon the language) would be an awesome place to be.

Does anyone here have a big varicocele? Like, so much so that is obviously visible? On a hot day, my left testicle seems to hang quite a bit lower than the right, and I think it is due to the weight being put on the scrotum. And if anyone here has had a type of varicocele surgery, could you get back to me about the experience? I think that is the next thing to cross off my list. I’m sick of these stupid veins dragging my member down, and I think it’s been affecting my erection quality as well.

As for the stitching, can anyone explain to me what is involved with it? It sounds like something that may prove to be very useful.

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