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Testicle size

Testicle size

Is there any way to make your balls bigger?

Some say yes, some say no. Try a search for ball stretching, bigger balls etc. I know this one has been asked before.

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My question is: why would one want to? Is it just appearance, or is there some health/performance benefit?

My motive for it would be that it looks more manly. Same way having a 9in penis would make more appealing then a 6in one.

Try a two stage cylinder for pumping. Peforeal on this website has used one for years and should be able to answer your question as to permanence of any size increase. He is a moderator.

Of course you can. Just use an air pump. :D

Sorry could not resists.

Sometime ago I read a discussion between two members over here saying that the got bidder balls from taking some bodybuilding stuff.

The thread if I am not mistaken had nothing to do with testicle but rather growth hormones.

Wish you luck.

P.S: If you do find it please post it up over here. Thanks.

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The ball sack can be made bigger, the testicles, I would highly doubt.


When you are PEing.... he sees.

Doesn’t appeal to me, but yeah maybe pumping.

Yes you can, I’ve spoken to a guy who has been pumping his balls for 20 years on and off.. And he wouldn’t be able to wear a pair of jeans.. His balls would be almost as big as my fist.

.. If you plan on having children, I wouldn’t fuck around with your testicles.

If your that desperate get your “dearie” to smash ‘em with a hammer. It will hurt like hell but when you look down at your elephant balls it will be worth it. Promise.

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Needle86 asked a serious question, and all these people are giving him hell about it. Considering alot of people would think that trying to make your dick bigger is weird, I think people should be alot more accepting on here of other peoples habits

Try watching porn everyday and not ejaculating for about a year and see what that does for you?

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