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Testicle pains .testicle veins

Testicle pains .testicle veins

Today I notice my testicle veins was bigger that before I doing was not very big .but just bigger than before.
These Days I have felt a weaker pain with my left testicle .I don’t sure it is pain. But just discomfort some time. I don’t know how to tell you .
The discomfort will be subside after I have sex or masturbation .

Please give me some suggest .I like to hear from you guys about some ideas .and do you guys also have this kind of problem ?

This is not an area of expertise of mine, but if you’re concerned you should go see a doctor.

However, it just sounds like you have a case of ball ache which some guys get when they’ve been aroused for a while. I’ve heard of some who feel ill if they’re aroused for too long without ejaculation. If the sensation disappears immediately after ejaculation, then perhaps that is what you are experiencing.

It’s impossible for me to tell though, trust your instincts!

I agree with ICM that you need to get checked out, and by a urologist. The discomfort you sense can be caused by a vericocele or epidymitis or some other stuff, none if which is usually very difficult to treat so don’t worry yourself. If the discomfort continues another few days, do make an appointment and find out what is going on. You will feel better having done that.

Meanwhile, cut back on the jelking or discontinue it altogether. That may resolve the discomfort.



Hey I also suggest you the same thing .

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