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Testicle Pain

Testicle Pain

Hi. I have been reading around in these threads for a few weeks and have started PEing =].

Lately, like the last week or two maybe, I have been noticing pain in my testicles. It’s a very slight feeling as if it might not actually be my testicles but in my stomach around there. It might be described as the feeling you would get if they got kicked but not nearly that bad. I don’t notice it when I’m going about my day but when I’m not moving around I notice it. Sometimes it’s my left one sometimes my right one. Today it was mostly the right one though. I thought maybe it was just in my mind but today it seemed a little stronger. Anyway, I just wanted to tell someone and to see what you guys think. Thanks.

I tried to post this in the health section but it wouldn’t let me. =[

I forgot to put, I havent been doing any exerces involving the balls, like when you put that strap behind them.

One last thing, it probably isnt something like cancer right? Because I have only noticed it the last week or so I’m thinking no.But I guess if you have cancer you have to notice it sometime. =/

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No, they’re not blue or anything. I ejaculated about two days ago or so.

Edging is masturbating and then stopping before you ejaculate right? For the guys who edge, do you get the blue balls problem? If that is indeed edging I have been doing that lately, not so much for the exercise but I carried away and stop myself before it goes too far.

Did you read that article on blue balls? It sure sounds like your edging without ejaculating, yes, even for just two days, is your problem.

One easy way to find out. Have fun! :D

Check my replies in this thread. You might have damaged blood vessels in your testicles. You need to stop PE for the time being and restart it later, taking it easy.

scrotum blood vessels

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Your advice is not consistent with the anatomy sparky. See this.

Originally Posted by westla90069
Your advice is not consistent with the anatomy sparky. See this.

I am not a doctor. I can be wrong about the mechanics. But the fact is still there - several PEers experienced pain in the testicles.


Maybe some doctors on this forum can provide an explanation.

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Probably blue balls man. Here’s what I’d do. Do your PE sometime during the day, but don’t ejaculate. Hold your sperm for whatever girl your with later on that day. If you don’t have a girl, then just masturbate before you go to sleep so you don’t get the blue balls. Plus it’ll help you sleep better.

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