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Testicle check


Oh dear. I hope things go well John F. I ignored pains in my left testicle. It was inflammed and my pained worsened until I couldn’t walk anymore. It was tender to the touch and urination was near impossible. It was diagnosed immediately as a testicular torsion and I was sent immediately to surgery where it was removed. I was told there was no reason for it and that it is quite common at my age. That was nearly eight years ago. I searched online for ways to benefit and keep my right testicle healthy. No site had information on the subject except a Penile Health website that mentioned a Testicular Massage. I’ve had no problems since then and have PE (ed) since. I agree that you shouldn’t underestimate any pain in the groin area and test frequently for testicular growths, but the hospital you are letting service you doesn’t seem to be helping. Good luck and please keep us informed about your unique situation.

Originally Posted by Robiqe2
Good luck and please keep us informed about your unique situation.

Thank you Robiqe2,

I think I am getting better. But definitely it was not testicular torsion, because I had my testicles checked and the urologists said I have no problems.

I check my testicles in the bath because they sort of float so I can check them all over.
People should check them selves at least once a week for concerns in the bath is ideal for privacy.



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