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Terrified of discoloration-scarring.

Terrified of discoloration-scarring.

Hi there, everyone. I signed up a long time ago, but due to some real-life drama, I never really got into PE like I intended to. I came back to try to start up for real, and seriously this time.

As my old (really old) topic said, I’m at a small 5” NBPEL, but I think my girth is fine. While gaining girth would be fine, what I really want is some length, enough to get up to that 6” mark.

Now, I’ve read every stickied and moderator linked post I can, and what really has me terrified are all these horror stories about discoloration, darkening (I’m Caucasian and my skin is really light, so that’s look reaaaaally bad on me), and your penis eventually looking ‘unhealthy’. I’ve read up on the methods here of how to counteract it, but being 19 and still living with my parents (who are unaware I want to P.E. And certainly would not approve), I can’t get access to all the most sophisticated equipment and successfully hide it.

So, my question is, is there any way to P.E. With just a focus on length, WITHOUT any of the activities that result in discoloration? Perhaps stretching alone with only a very tiny bit of jelqing would do the trick? I really don’t know which part of P.E. Is responsible for the discoloration everyone is talking about, I’m just assuming it’s the jelqing since that seems to be the most intensive on the penis.

My penis may be small, but I like how it looks now, I don’t want it turning into some brownish-blackish scarred thing that doesn’t match the rest of my skin (absolutely nothing against people with darker skin, you just understand that it would look rather silly and unhealthy contrasted with the rest of my skin, which is very light).

I’m sorry for making a worried ‘help me!’ post, but I really tried my best to look through all the mod linked topics and ‘must reads’ and still wasn’t satisfied with the answers.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Well personally speaking my penis is already darker than my body before I started PE. I’m not too worried about how it looks, infact, the thought of having more visible veins on my unit appeals! I can also use a tanning cream on my skin! :)

I think using a warm-up routine helps avoid discolouration, as can Vit K cream and other things as advised on the threads. As for scarring, I don’t think that is as common.

Stretching alone can help add length, but still by stretching the skin I assume your penis will change in how it looks. If you want to add decent length in a decent amount of time you will probably need to do some jelqing, etc though.

I guess what I’m saying is no-one knows how another person will gain from PE or what his outcomes will be as regards discolouration, etc.

I’d seriously say if you are that worried about it, then don’t PE. If you are that constricted by your parents, maybe this isn’t the right time? Remember, there is no rush to PE! You can try just simple stretching and report the results, but if there was a simple way to gain without discolouration or jelqing, I assume someone would have found it!

And by the way, your penis isn’t small.

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Ah, one thing I did hear in one of the discoloration topics (although it was never replied to or repeated, so I wonder about it’s validity) is that using vaseline for jelqing is a major cause for discoloration. If anybody could touch on their experience with that, I’d appreciate it as well.

I understand your concerns. I started out at the upper edges of average but with what many woman considered a very attractive penis. Uniform girth with the head just a tad wider than the shaft, a bit of a banana curve, and flawless skin. Woo Hooo! Thankfully I still have that, just larger.

I would stick with the newbie routine and be very patient in your PE. Any kind of injury other than the red dots that many get when starting and back off and take a break. Discoloration seems more common in those doing girth work which is in your favor as well. Work on your self monitoring skills above all else as discoloration can’t happen over night.

I don’t know anything on the Vaseline causing discoloration topic.

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For me, it seems like the stretching gave me the most discoloration. I say this because the band of discoloration I have perfectly matches where I gripped my unit for all my stretching. I think the constant, tight grip I was using caused it. I haven’t tested this hypothesis yet, but will soon when I begin a jelq-only routine (due to time constraints). Of course, your experiences may differ, so you really just need to pay attention as you go.

If you do get discoloration, some people seemed to have success with acid-peel treatments. I believe the thread name was “Shedding the Snake.”

Do the newbie routine. IMO, you have nothing to worry about. Discoloration, as far as I have read, occurs mainly when guys go to the extreme for gains (ie. clamping, ulis, horses etc). As long as you don’t over do jelqing then you would have nothing to worry about IMO. If you still have doubt, then just drop jelqing. Of course your gains would slow down, but you would still get there. Eventually.

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The problem, Fou-Lu, is that there does not seem to be one clear thing that causes discoloration. If there’s a PE activity, there’s someone who’s done it and gotten discoloration. Iamaru hit the key point: monitor yourself. Discoloration does not happen overnight, and if you should happen to start noticing discoloration and are concerned, it is most easily reversed by immediately stopping whatever PE activity you’ve been doing. I have heard about members gaining additional size after stopping PE, but have never heard of anyone who developed additional discoloration after stopping PE.

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Hey everyone, a little update.

I’ve done P.E. Three times so far, it’s going well, but I have a couple problems:

1. Since my penis is small, it’s difficult for my hands to have room to have a grip on the base of my shaft by the time my other hand starts pressing forward. It’s also difficult to make the stretch last 3 seconds. Am I okay with 2 seconds, and non-perfect ‘hand-switching’ timing? It’s hard to tell from the instructional video, since that guy is so much bigger than I am.

2. All 3 times I’ve had to cut my jelq short at between 7-8 minutes, falling short of the 10 minute mark and FAR short of the 30 minute mark I’m supposed to reach in 6 weeks. Not because my penis hurt, but because my HANDS did. They get so sore. Would buying one of those sand-filled squeezing balls help this at all?

Originally Posted by Fou-Lu

2. All 3 times I’ve had to cut my jelq short at between 7-8 minutes, falling short of the 10 minute mark and FAR short of the 30 minute mark I’m supposed to reach in 6 weeks. Not because my penis hurt, but because my HANDS did. They get so sore. Would buying one of those sand-filled squeezing balls help this at all?…

If you still don’t, I think a better choice it is going to the gym at lest 2-3 time a week.
So you will have surely stronger hands.

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