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Tensile Strength of Penis Before and After PE

Tensile Strength of Penis Before and After PE

I’m curious about the difference between guys who have a natural 8 inch penis (any number would do here), with guys who have artificially attained an 8 inch penis through PE.

What I’m wondering about is the tensile strength of the tunica itself and the resulting ability to have a powerful erection. (I’m not talking just about blood infusion, I’m talking about the strength of the tissue itself.) I’m suspecting that since the tunica has grown over time with someone who has done PE, there would be micro tears and scar tissue built up. I’m suspecting that this would actually increase the strength, rather than decrease the strength.

I know that it is unlikely that I could have a scientific study done of this. Realistically, I’m not going to be able to round up natural 8s and compare them with PE’ed 8s. My thoughts are more theoretical. I’m interested in your comments.

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I might not understand the question fully, but I would think that any penis that has gone through PE would be stronger than a natural penis, because that is what PE does, enlarges and makes it stronger and healthier.

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I believe that PE will result in a stronger tunica (in terms of the abuse it can withstand), but I don’t think a stronger tunica = stronger erections. Erections are based on several complex psycho-physiological factors. If your erections are stronger as a result of PE, it is more likely to be caused by better blood flow, stronger BC muscle, etc.


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