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Ten commandments of my PE.

Ten commandments of my PE.

After reading so much great information my head was starting to spin and I felt like the character in the movie “Hamburger Hill” that couldn’t remember all the rules to staying alive. I came up with the following rules to read every day and wanted to know if anyone thinks I should add or delete any of the rules for success.

1) Place the health of your penis above all else. What good is a large penis if it is broken?
2) Always warm up. It seems like it’s way too easy to skip this step and charge into exercises but it is vital.
3) Establish goals. It is tough to hit a target if you don’t even know what the target is.
4) Find a source of inspiration. PE is a long journey and inspiration will keep me motivated.
5) Monitor PI’s. They provide crucial information to guide me.
6) Adjust appropriately to PI’s. What good is it monitoring them if you don’t listen to them?
7) Maintain a consistent routine. If I just randomly pull on my dick it isn’t going to grow.
8) Adjust the routine in a methodical way when gains stop. If you adjust too many things at once then how do you know what is working and what isn’t?
9) Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol, smoking, obesity and other bad habits kill erections.
10) Share knowledge with other members. We all gain faster when we share.

These seem to be giving me a focus to my efforts.

Not bad, although #9 is not for me :)

I’d delete the number 3) rule. You can set any goals for yourself, but your penis will give a f**k of that. :D

Very true marinera. More times then I care to admit my penis told me what my goals were rather than the other way around. Especially when alcohol was involved. :-)

Good stuff “nowhereman”. Follow these rules and all the ingredients for growth are there. REST is very important as well.

CURRENT---> NBPEL:7.5in EG:6in

GOAL------> NBPEL:8.25 EG:6.5

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