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Temporary or permanent

Temporary or permanent


What about benefits, are they temporary (you slowly lose gains, when you stop doing PE - just like muscles without training) or they are permanent - even after quit PE they stay?

You should do a maintenance program so that you do not lose any gains that you have made. Otherwise it will penis will get smaller.

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So it mean that it is possible to not lose everything you gained?

Originally Posted by Tolka

So it mean that it is possible to not lose everything you gained?

It is possible for some men to do nothing and still retain their gains, but many choose to do a lightweight version of their routine to maintain their gains.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

So it is not possible to just gain, cement and quit PE? I will have to do some of it to the rest of my life, to not lose what I have gained?

We are talking light maintenance exercises here Tolka, like doing some jelqing when you want to masturbate. But I would suggest not to concern yourself with the far future now, just do the newbie routine and you will never want to quit PE:) .

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Here’s a post about a member here who has achieved good gains, and who has maintained them with a light maintenance routine:

avocet8 - Pumping frequency.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

So that mean that you cannot just quit, because you will lose everything that you gained?

Everything that I gained is permanent. Your diet and lifestyle is very important so it seems. Healthy love making too. Maintenance is important for the health of your unit too.

So if I will gain sth (let say 0,4 inch) then start to quit - step by step PE less and then finally stop at all I will have this 0,4 inch for ever - permanent?

If you have cemented your gains, they will be permanent without a maintenance program. But believe me dude, this shit is addicting and I am 19 years old and I already know I will never stop.

I look at it this way:

Why stop once you have cemented gains when you could just keep PEing, whether it is for maintenance or gains, because most people even experience more gains when on a maintenance program.


I think the attitude you need in cementing is once you get a gain just keep PEing. Never stop for a year or two at least. Just continue the momentum. Try not to overtrain or injure yourself. But yes if you do it correctly your gains will be permanent. Do not even begin to think maintenance until two years into PE at least. IMHO.

I think it is fairly well known as we age we lose size regardless with or without PE prior.

So if you don’t do PE you will lose size as you age (probably due to decreased blood flow?).

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I’m sure the maintenance will be worth it

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