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temperature controlled heating pad for PE

temperature controlled heating pad for PE

I’ve tried the warm wash cloth and the rice sock but honestly I feel like getting the right temperature is difficult. Its either too hot or then it cools off. I saw a great electric temperature controlled heating pad at the pharmacy today. You can put in the desired temperature,say 104, and the time. The only problem is it is like 12 x 12 inches. So like too big to wrap around my penis. I’m looking all over for a small one because I think this would be perfect for warming up and preventing over heating. Has anyone found a smaller pad with these features? I would love to get one.

When I was doing PE before I only used a heating pad, I found it to be a lot more practical, you plug in it turn it on, leave it for 5 minutes do your routine and it’s still hot after. Just manipulate the pad so it wraps around your willy and gets those ligs. It’s slightly a pain but it takes over the need to microwave your rice bag 3 times.

That’s what I’m looking for but in a size that is practical. What is the size of your heating pad and where did you get it? I believe heating to like 104 is good because you will get the better stretching effect without any tissue damage.

Mine is around the same size as yours, What I do is kind of wrap it around my dick around the halfway point of the pad, and use both hands one to hold it around one to hold it down on my ligs. I just got it from a drugstore, you can get them pretty much anywhere. Maybe spend a day out shopping for the ideal one for you.

I think I’ll get the one I saw then if it has worked for you. I really like the idea of the temperature control and it seems like it is bendable so it could work. I saw it for 30 dollars so that’s not bad. Thanks for the info.

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