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Telling the difference between BC and PC muscle


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Damn I wish west was here. Jon, find west’s article on the BC and read it again, maybe two or three times, just so it will sink in.


You could use a refresher in BC exercise also.

If you’ll notice in my posts, I’ve linked directly to his article. I’ve read it. The discrepancies are there. Please read it again yourself.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Different color on the horse there stm. Jon was asking about how to exercise the PC correctly.

Correction, I was asking how to exercise the BC correctly, not the PC.

Originally Posted by Jon Soo Kwan
I’m a noob here, and was just reading up on all of the introductory threads, FAQ, videos, etc. Including the one on locating the BC muscle.

I “think” I've been squeezing this muscle properly, and exercising it when I urinate (start to urinate, squeeze, count to 10, release, urinate some more, squeeze, hold, etc.) But my question is.. How can I be sure I’m not exercising the PC muscle instead? Is there a test I can do, to see? I know when I squeeze it, the bottom where my perineum is, bulges downward.

Any PE experts out there have a way to really determine which is the right muscle to be squeezing and exercising here?

The bold sentence above is wrong Jon.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
You stop the flow of urine once or twice so that you can recognize how to contract the muscle. You do NOT do it every time you piss.

Why not do it every time? Isn’t that a good, active application of a Kegel? Besides, it will get me used to having actual ‘flow’ behind the contraction, so I can practice every time I urinate.

Am I doing harm by doing this?

Not sure that it actually does any harm other than it makes you do kegels just when you piss. You can also tell that you are using the right muscle by making your erection jump when you flex. That way you can do the BC exercises any time and any place that you want to. It’s also good to be able to use your BC when doing the PE exercises.

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When you are peeing, let the flow flow; unless you are trying at that moment to isolate the muscle you are talking about here, or the doorbell is ringing because your pit bull is threatening to maul your neighbor’s child.

When peeing, there is no reason, having isolated the muscle, to keep punching it. You can squeeze as much as you like orther times,if that squeezing is not stressful to the muscle, when you are not peeing.

PS: I can’t believe we are on three pages of this.




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