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Telling about PE

Telling about PE

Have you ever told anyone about PE? If so who and what happened?

I told my wife after she found my pump. She doesn’t understand it, but she gives me my privacy.

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I’ve told tons of people. Everyone had no clue about its existence, questioned if it worked. Some even tried.

Being a newbie, I haven’t told my wife yet. I figured I would see how it goes, and as I grow, see if she notices, and actually says something like, “Wow, am I seeing things, or has my play thing grown?”

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I’ve told my girlfriend. Now, when we live apart she will notice how horrible is living with non-PE’ing man.

I think that it can be helpful to tell a real friend about PE. You can teach each other (but not jelq each other!).

I told my fiance mostly because we live together and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without her knowing, she’s fine with it though and is there when I’m doing various things.

I’ve told some friends. Most didn’t say much at the time, then a few days or weeks later asked what the name of the site I mentioned was.

You kinda have to pick the right time to mention it if you are going to, and you need the right motives. It really is best only to mention it if a close friend makes some comment about their own size. You never want it come across as “dude… you got a small dick!”

You are on safe ground if you say something like you were never happy with your own size, then you took your dick to the dick gym and grew it a bit! If they are interested, they’ll bite (hopefully not literally :) ).

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I’m a girl and my boyfriend (rootsnatty) told me. Through a text I might add. I was on my way to an orthodontist appointment and my mom was driving so I had to keep my face normal looking.

I thought it was odd and different at first, but once he explained to me how PE works and after I saw his chest of devices, I became really interested in it. I even had a dream about it and I keep a side log of his hang weights. He says that I’ve become fanatical even :)

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