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Tell Your Son Your Penis Size

Thanks for all of the comments. I was thinking there were really only two responses. Either “just about 8”” or “a gentleman doesn’t talk about his penis size.” I wasn’t thinking about telling him how to make it bigger at this point. I think he’s got to grow a little more on his own.

The thing is that any smart guy (and I think we all can agree that our future sons will be very smart guys, no?) can figure all of the penis size stuff out for himself.

I mean, we’re all here without our fathers having told us about their penis size or something along those lines.

With any luck, the internet will still be around in 20, 30 years. And maybe even this board. Should any male of our offspring have a penis size issue, he will get to work on his own. Trust me.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

I hope that when I have children that I’m as close to them as possible. I want them to feel as though they can talk to me about anything, no matter how taboo, or weird it may be. So far I think my personality allows for that to be true; my younger cousins male and female talk to me about all kinds of stuff. Stuff that blew my mind, but it’s only made us closer.

When it comes to discussing penile issues with my son, I don’t think I’d tell him about PE. Hopefully he won’t need it. But if he does, that conversation won’t happen until he’s at least 21. I wouldn’t tell him my penis size while he was young, but when he’s 21 I would.

There will be plenty of moments and things that we share that will only remain between us.

Very interesting thread though. :)

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I knew a guy at school whose parents would give him porn to show that they were “cool” with sex and masturbation and stuff. He was a very poorly adjusted kid. I have a very close relationship with my dad but would honestly feel disgusted and disturbed if he started talking about this kind of stuff. Even if your heart is in the right place you could end up doing some psychological damage.

I was quite big for my age at the age of 13 (5inch) but I only saw a growth of .3 in the space of 6 years. I was quite confident at 13/14 but when I got older it decreased.


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