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Tell me about your lube.


Tell me about your lube.

Or just tell me what y’all are using. Kinda curious if anyone swears by one or another or if it’s all the same to most of you. I’ve been using some off brand cocoa butter lotion but it seems to dry so quick, as did the other off brand lotion I bought. You get what you pay for I guess.

I’ve been wondering what everyone else is using as well. For me I just use what ever I find around the house. Right now I’m using some Aveeno lotion I found laying around the house. I usually don’t have too big of a problem with it drying too fast.

Johnson’s baby oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The bottle with the green tint. Best lube there is nothing even comes close. Even the smell of it is soothing and relaxing, perfect for PE.

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Personally I use Olive oil don’t have problem with it.

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Albolene is the #1 jelq / masturbation lube - period. It’s a facial cleanser that can be found at drugstores like CVS. It feels kind of like whipped Vaseline. Just a dab and you can jelq or masturbate for an hour or more (yes, I do) without having to reapply. The vat cost about $12 US but will last about a year even with heavy use. Wonderful stuff.

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Conditioner and some water.


I have used olive oil,or when I give my lady friend a sensual message.

I us grape seed oil the lady friend loves the message and since it’s all over her body already.

No need to change and a very healthy oil.

The only problem with grape seed oil is it’s a little on the slippery side.

She loves the message and when you are done with the message…Yada Yada Yada

seems to last for a while also .

A really excellent lube can be made from xantham gum and glycerin. super slippery stuff.

I use blood from a newborn calf..
But if one isn’t available I like to use Vaseline.

I imagine that us jelqers must have the smoothest Willy’s in the world.
Before that though I use to use Cocoa butter and bio oil.

The Vaseline seems easier for just general jelqing.
If you want your gains to slowly but surely build.

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Baby Oil is really great, it stays on there and also if you jerk-off with it it warms up :)

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I take it that you are talking about a choice of lube for jelqing? I ask because the subsequent posts have covered a variety of lube purposes.

Albolene, as mentioned, is good. Apply sparingly and it is good for quite a while.

Wet Platinum is also good. Again, apply sparingly. You need less than you probably think you do.

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You can jelq with vaseline and then give your self a hair doo. At least that’s what the old timers use to use for hair gel.Get the 40s look back then we can tell how does PE at Walmart.

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Originally Posted by onenekkidguy
Alboleneis the #1 jelq / masturbation lube - period.

Yes - this stuff is amazing. I have been using it since the 80s to masturbate and in bed too for foreplay. One girl used to say “OK, time to get out your vat of sex grease”.

It is smooth, soft, warms to the touch. Great for jelqing!!!

I’ve been using sensitive skin shaving gel at the moment and it works really well. I have to do this for a shower jelq so as to not raise suspicions in the house I’m currently in.

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