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Tell me about wrist wraps please


Originally Posted by iam
OK, so what is a compression wrap, how does it look like, where can I buy it?

The (or my) compression wrap, is just like the pre wrap I use to hang with-except looser. In my case I use a baby sock with the toe cut out, this goes on the dick first.Then I wrap the stretched penis with theraband, with just light pressure. The wrap should be just tight enough to hold the dick in it’s stretched/extended/fatigued state-but loose enough that you can still piss. This is worn most of the day (8-10 hr.), accompanied by the wrist strap after my hanging and stretching routinein the a.m.

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Compression? I know only for magnetic Thera P wrist wrap. If you want it, I found some online shop in Germany that shipps their products in all EU countries.

The link:

OK, so this ain’t some kinda ADS?

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