I’ve been closely monitoring my PI now for a weeks (as i’m sure a lot of you are aware)

I’ve had a few interesting experiences in the last few weeks, as follows:

If I jelq before pumping and overdo it, for 3-6 hours afterwards the pump artificially maximises my flaccid hang/EQ - meaning I can beat the hell out of my unit and think i’ve done a great session of PE; only to experience totally destroyed EQ the subsequent day.

People doing girth exercise:

I’ve noticed that during certain periods of high testosterone, I can achieve perfect EQ (10) whilst failing to achieve a 10 on my flaccid hang scale. However… I’ve also noticed that during these periods my MSEG is significantly smaller than my biggest or even average measurement. So i’ve begun using my MSEG measurement as a PI - basically measuring how “relaxed” my smooth muscle is. I do this by edging to a “familiar” feeling of expansion and then taking a measurement. Even though flaccid hang seems to be a great indicator of smooth muscle relaxation, I think that the vast number of variables in effect make it a somewhat unreliable gauge (water intake, temperature, recent cardio exercise, underwear etc)

This method seems to work perfectly for timing sessions and it’s interesting to observe the fluctuations in MSEG caused by tissue/muscle fatigue.