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Technique, recommendations.

Technique, recommendations.


I have looked apun the techniques. However I am just starting out on this forum on doing everything. However I thought I’d ask advice since there seems to be quite intelligent individuals on here that know about all the stretches and so fourth. I am also asking for recommendations as to which stretches to go with. Ok well I am young and well like any guy, they sometimes get depressed since they want to be bigger. Haha who doesnt? Well I want to do all of the above. I want to make girth longer, erect longer, and I want to have a thicker more full. I also want to work on my head to increase that as well. I know I should prob start with jelq but would you let me know as to which ones I should all do? Also a question, is it bad to do stretches in the shower? Warm it up with hot water and use the running water to help slide? If not, why, and what would be recommended? Also I normally, either hold one hand and hold it on my head and stretch it downwards or out and then just use the other to ‘milk’ ; Or let one hand slide and do one right after the other, since it’s supose to stay bulky at the top of shaft correct to force as much blood as possible there or do you not do one right after the next hand? When I do this my second hand is starting to go down before the first hand is done (if that makes sense). I just really want to do this right the first time, and to get recommendations on new stretches. I have read the newbie techniques as well and really there are so many I don’t understand where to start. Also is there a stretch to help straighten out the dick? I think it appears as I am goin a little to the left, which I read is common for a lot of guys. Also would using a different hand make it straighten out again then using the other? Also how do you determine that your penis is ready for more stronger workouts? Just more intense and with good results within time or what? Well if you can guide me in the right direction that would be very appreciated. I’ve been very busy with things and my businesses to do much research so I thought I’d ask you guys. Since I want to improve myself so I can become more confident of course. THANK YOU so much for your help, your help is appreciated a ton.

Start with the newbie routine. It’s there for a reason.

Then read as much as you can on this forum and you will find the answer to just about any question.

I’m pretty new to this stuff myself, but I’m sure as any pro in here would say the keys to doing PE right is to do what feels right for yourself. Play around with various techniques, don’t squeeze your cock too hard because you don’t wanna start blockin bloodflow in some of those big veins, just wrap it good for 5 min, do some dry jelqs , then lube it up and do some wet jelqs, keep the blood flowin good to ur cock, but not too much because you don’t wanna end up getting too tempted in joining those lovely ladies on the porn video. Just keep a good pump of blood in ur cock, don’t squeeze TOO hard, avoid covering those veins with your fingers and just pull, get ur cock feelin it and in no time you’ll be seein them results

Just one more thing, you need to understand that you need to condition your unit to the work outs. That is what the newbie routine does and gives you some time to get an idea as to what you are feeling. You will find that your member will respond to different things that might be different from someone else. Everyone here has a unique work out that they have discovered that works for them. Before you get that far you need to master the basics and get conditioned. Then develop a plan of attach.

Hope this helps

Hi, XBA004, and welcome!

Jelquing and stretching aren’t hard to work out - just get milking and tugging:) With a bit of practise (and research here!) everything will make more sense. Exercising in the shower is fine but using soap as a lub is probably not a good idea. Don’t rush things - for next couple of months at least just stick to the basics until you get a feel of what you are doing.

Good luck!

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