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Targeting the Tunica

Targeting the Tunica

Do downward stretches also target the tunica?

Also does jelqing at a lower erection level target the tunica as well? What about mid-high erection level jelqing? Does that cause the tunica to expand and cause girth grow as well?

I want to gain both length and girth, not one or another.

Any vet familiar with the TGC Theory on here who knows more about this.

Opinions will be much appreciated.

From what I know, the tunica is targeted by upward streches/hanging and especially V/A stretches. I’m not sure about varying erection level jelqing and their impacts on the tunica.

The old theory says that any stretch targets the tunica once you’ve exhausted the ligs. I can’t really say, but it does seem that fulcrum stretches (A/V) do help ratchet up the tension once you’ve stalled with regular stretches. Be careful of the dorsal nerve when doing fulcrums.

There isn’t a uniform scale that I know of to describe erection level, so I can’t say whether lower level or mid-level is the right answer. I jelq with wood that won’t stand up and has a slight bend in its hang. The tunica cannot be tightly constricting the corpora cavernosa. You must be able to compress it while moving up the shaft and create larger than normal girth above it as you go. This is what causes the tunica to expand. If your penis is so hard that your squeeze cannot create a large difference in circumference between the compression and the expansion, it’s too erect.

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