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Taping the glans with an ADS

Taping the glans with an ADS

Don’t know why I can’t post in the main member’s forum, but here’s my question:

I’ve been using an ADS - the silicone cup variety - for about 7 months. Initially I blistered due to tension that was too high. Lowered the tension, no more blisters. But I still get some reddening and discomfort, so I prefer to tape my glans. However, after trying several different brands of bandage and tape, I’m not happy with the results. Some of them stick too well and hurt like a mother to get off, others don’t stick well enough and probably don’t do much good.

Do any of you ADS users tape or bandage your glans prior to putting on the silicone cup, and if so, what do you use? I’d especially like to hear from those who are happy with the brand or product that they use.


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For all my body part taping needs I use 3M Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape. I have used it when using a silicone ADS but it’s absolutely fantastic if you have to bandage a finger (or other jointed body part) as it will not come off from bending, sweating, or even hand washing.

It’s a little more expensive than other tapes, but it’s really flexible, completely waterproof, and easy to remove. In my experience it’s one of the best first aid products on the market right now.

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I have the same problem as you I just never borhered to ask about it so thanks.

I am going to take Mjolnir’s advice and try that tape.

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