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Tanning And PE

Tanning And PE

I am out by my pool alot and I lay out in the buff with my girlfriend quite often. I was wondering if tanning the unit could have any effects either positive or negative on growth?

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I’m a tan-oholic. For a white guy I have a pretty dark tool. The darkness is from both PE and the sun. A lot of guys complain about discoloration, but I love it. I think a dark dick just looks better. I’m dark all over but my dick is about three shades darker than the rest of me and I get a lot of looks and nice comments about it from women at nudist camps. I vote for dark. Go for it. If you don’t have the luxury of nude sunbathing use tanning beds for your dick. The skin from the base up to the circ scar tans very easy if you lay out or lay on a tanning bed everyday. The head takes a little longer.

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Originally Posted by Funinthesun
I am out by my pool alot and I lay out in the buff with my girlfriend quite often. I was wondering if tanning the unit could have any effects either positive or negative on growth?

I don’t think it could have a positive effect, but maybe negative, if it gets sunburnt!


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Yea I am a sun worshiper myself and my unit is much darker(I am white) than the rest also. I have a very private backyard with a pool so I use that. I’ve never been at a nudist place but I get some funny looks at the gym, but I am very well endowed to start with. So being dark probably makes it look bigger. So my girlfriend tells me?? But anyway NO adverse effects on your gains from the sun?

You should still use sunblocker as you do with the rest of your body. Use the exact same precautions.

Wow, Big Girtha, haven’t seen you post in a long time, though haven’t been on Thunder’s much myself until recently.

I’m also a fake-n-baker, and I don’t think tanning effects PE.
It can give you higher vitamin D3 thus raising calcium absorbtion, if calcium effects PE it would work indirectly that way.

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I heard recently that Vitamin D, which the skin creates when exposed to sunlight, causes increased cell turnover in the body. It clears out the old cells and stimulates growth of new cells. Since hearing this, I’ve been wondering whether sun exposure might help with PE.

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Yeah I’m a tan-o-holic too.. I think it makes me look better. The penis actually can tan darker than the body. I’m not sure why but it does. Tanning can be healthy (in my opinion) because vitamin D needs sunlight to function. Girls like tan guys better than pasty white. But it’s entirely up to you. I love it and can’t stop it. I’m trying to cut down.just because I don’t want skin cancer. There are forums just on tanning and I know quite a bit about it. I recommend using an spf of 16 on the genitals so that they won’t burn.

It’s negative if you get skin cancer on your tool.

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I ran around naked at a party the other day and everyone asked why I had a black dick. I actually don’t think tanning would be a bad idea. I don’t really mind the darkness, but what I do mind is the inch of total white at the very top. I think if I could get the white area to a darker shade I would be more satisfied.

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