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Tankpz Length Routine

Tankpz Length Routine

Hi guys,

Where can I find the best length routines in one place or thread??

Right now I’m jelqing for 20 min (kegel every other time I jelq, and also pull when my OK grip reaches under the glans, is this ok?) and then stretching for another 20 -25min and then I take a hot shower after.ñ

Sometimes after the routine I slip on an elastic screaming O, cock ring to keep my cock plump or if not I wrap up lightly for an hour to keep myself a little extended.

Stretching goes like this:

3 min BTC, 3 min to the right, 3 min center, then 3 min to the left.
3 min stretch straight out, 1 min to the right and 1. Min to left
3 min upward stretch, 1min to the right and 1. Min to left

Then another couple of min straight down.

Please give me your feedback.
Ill try hanging in a few weeks when I get my cable clamps.

Best advice would be to stick with something like the Newbie Routine for at least three months before thinking about hanging or clamping. You want to be sure your penis is conditioned enough for the more specialized exercises. A lot of guys report their best gains during the Newbie Routine phase and it decreases your chances of injury. In the meantime your routine looks pretty good. Be careful that it’s not too much and keep an eye on your PI’s. Are you warming up before starting? You should.

:_pump: :donatecar

Thanx for your post CL.
I’ve got almost 3 months doing a similiar routine. I did some Matter Of Size routine before but later found THUNDER. Which I find much more informative and easier to follow.
When I joined, I read some posts here, and changed my routine from stretching first and jelq later to.. Jelq first and stretch late, according to some posts.. Its better.. So I’m doing that.

I sometimes warm up with a rice sock I sew myself and other times I don’t warm up, but over all I don’t feel any pain and have seen an improvement in EG AND LENGTH.

Today I wore my simple ADS for around 3 hours and felt pretty good, took it of and didnt turtle the rest of the day.

Feels awesome to prevent the turtling.

Please help me out to with sime tips on jelqin, since I know I have alot to learn. Right now, when I jelq I also kegl, is that ok?

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