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Talcum Powder - Jelqing Lubricant?

Talcum Powder - Jelqing Lubricant?

Hi everyone,
I normally use olive oil to aid me with my jelqing. However, I have to wash after I’m done
And that takes a lot of time. I was wondering if talcum powder is a viable substitute. Any
Other substitutes would also be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance,

Give it a try and report back. My first reaction is that it will be terribly drying on the sensitive skin of the penis, leading to serious chafing. A water-based lube might be a good alternative. Clean up is easy.

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I just started but I’ve been using baby powder for grip on basic stretches, followed by low erection dry jelqs. It seems to help more with grip than friction.

I didn’t have the privacy I needed for regular jelqs & never really got the feel for them, so I wound up doing gentle, low erection dry jelqs instead. Less cleanup is the big advantage if you can get the feel for them. Gotta keep the erection level low, though.

I’ll order a water based lubricant off Amazon then. I don’t have Prime so it might take a while to ship. In the meanwhile, I’ll try

Dry jelqing.

Thanks again,


Be careful with talcum powder. There is a mega lawsuit going on now and no one knows what it does to men as of yet. Could be nothing, could be something.…ory?id=37162943

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Cornstarch would be an alternative to talc. Cheaper, harmless, brushes or rinses away readily. Some use it for massage in place of oil or lotion.

@ Twatteaser - Out with talcum powder then. Thank you.

@ChuckR - That, if it works, is genius. And thank you too.

Talcum powder is associated with ovarian cancer. FYI

Another use for cornstarch is for shaving your junk with an electric shaver. You just dust with cornstarch, then use the shaver. It acts like a lubricant. Cornstarch is truly magic wonder powder.

You can also use a high quality hair conditioner. It washes off easily with a wash clothe and conditions nicely.

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