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Taking the plunge

Taking the plunge

Hello All,

I just found this forum yesterday and have been reading ever since. I started a PE program 2 weeks ago (yes, I paid $49.00 for the info on a pay site since I had never come across anything of the sort before) and have only good things to say at this point. For so many years I have heard that there is nothing safe and effective that you can do for penis enlargement which is not cost prohibitive so when I found this site and others dealing with PE, I was ecstatic.

I figure, ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’ so I have measured, photographed and documented everything at the start-up because I have great expectations and high confidance in the techniques that I have started. Even with only 2 weeks ‘under my belt’ I feel a difference already. The difference may not show on a ruler yet but I can see and feel a better hang and density of my penis.

It all sounds so logical to me that it actually bothered me a bit at first that Jelqing is not more widely known and if it is so effective, why isn’t it practiced more often? I figure that it just isn’t talked about amongst men and if PE techniques are talked about, (pills, potions etc.), that they are just scoffed at and not taken seriously.

Anyway, I am taking this seriously since I do feel significantly substandard in the penis size department. It may be small, but at least it works well. I have never had any negative feedback from any women as to my size; they are probably all obsessing about their breast-size during sex to care.

Well, I expect to post on a regular basis to inform and share accomplishments and I hope to get some response/encouragement/assistance on this journey as I have consistantly seen in the posts to date. I have never posted on a forum of any kind on the net but this one has impressed me enough to coax me into joining in here.

Glad to be aboard and don’t worry, I won’t be so verbose in the future (not every time anyway).


Re: Taking the plunge

Originally posted by Webster
Glad to be aboard and don't worry, I won't be so verbose in the future (not every time anyway).


Damn light weight….once you start with the 2 page posts like some of the wordy bastards at Thunder’s… THEN you can apologize for being to verbose.

Welcome to Thunder’s

Running a Massive Co-Front.

My routine is as follows:

—10min. warm up in very hot bath with some light stretches and massage
—30sec X 5 stretches up,down,left,right & front
—15min. jelqing
—10min hot bath with more light stretches

I did the hand jelq for about 1 1/2 weeks but because of my size, was having trouble getting right down to the base with a good grip and not pulling my whole scrotum out with every pull. Then I got a jelqing device that has a handle so that I can get right down to the base and milk with one hand and hold the skin taught with the other. I have only used it twice but I could feel much more intensity with every rep and I can get the whole length (such as it is).

I only wish now that I had been doing this for six months already.

Hey Webster,

Just don’t get too carried away with your jelqing device all at once. Add to your routine gradually. Do a search here for “power jelq” and “PJ” and you will find a lot of suggestions/comments.

Another idea is to reverse your grip, put your finger and thumb toward the base of your cock, palm facing down.

Keep us posted on your progress.

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