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Taking measurement

Taking measurement

Hi all,

I am completely new to PE, just did some tie-up at the base for some times and it did seem working. It swells and became bigger.
Now my question is that; how to take the right measurement?

Please help as I am starting my first pumping session within this week.

Thanks in advance!!


While 100% erect, hard ruler on top of your penis pressed strongly against the bone…BPEL
While 100% erect, tailor ruler wrapped midshaft around your penis…MEG

As a beginner you should focus more on stretches and jelquing rather than clamping and pumping which are probably to rough for your penis at the beginning…and you not suppose to be swelling too much, it is NOT a proof that it’s working…
Take it easy, don’t hurt yourself…

Start : BPEL 6.1 MSEG 4.6

Now : BPEL 7.8 MSEG 5.4

Fac E Spera

Try to measure when you penis is 100%,you an achieve that by masturbating and right b4 you ejaculate measure both dimensions!

If i kegal whilst measuring i go from 7.35 to 7.5….do i use the 7.35 as the correct one? I have been so far although i do kegal during sex

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