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Taking days off

Taking days off

I started PE about 3 weeks ago, I do something a little easier than the newbie routine since it was too rough when I started, my routine is warm-up (3-5min), stretch just a little bit, massage, then warm down (I also shake my penis in between exercises), and also I do 1 day on 1 day off. All this has been working out really well, my penis doesn’t feel sore after workouts and it doesn’t hurt either. It seems that the penis grows more and you start to notice difference in girth during the days off, since it’s repairing. But I’ve been getting a little more veins (especially when I do stretches) and I don’t know if this is a good sign. I was thinking about taking more days off, but if I take too many wouldn’t that make me loose what I gained?

.O and I also wanted to know if there was a way to make your cum shots shoot more :P

I would really appreciate if the answers, comments and/or concerns were written a little detailed since I don’t have too much experience.

Thank you.

More vains/vascularity is a positive indicator of growth. I think you are selling yourself short by going to easily on yourself. Would you go to the gym and consider it a success if you weren’t sore the next day? Hell no! It is certainly a fine line between training properly and overtraining, but you should expect some “good” soreness as a sign you’re on the right track. Pain is not good, but soreness should be expected, especially as a newbie. My advice would be go with the newbie routine. Pay attention to your cock, and don’t overdo it, but I think you can do a lot more than you’re doing now.


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I agree. The Newbie routine is probably the most basic routine we should consider. Anything less is considered too simple. I have redness on the underside of my penis afterwards (because I am circumcised I guess), but it goes away after a few hours.

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Soreness means nothing in terms of growth. The penis is not a muscle like your bicep: it is far more complex. It’s also one hell of a lot easier to do permanent damage to.

If your routine is working, powerpop24 (which you are seeing signs of) stay with it.

Welcome to Thunder’s, pp24, & check out this for an answer to your other question: /forum/search.php


Oh, and jmag: if you want to give advice based on your six months of excellent PE experience, as detailed here: jmag - A journey begins…err…continues! , go ahead: but if you continue to give crap advice like “Yank it 'till it hurts! Yah! No pain no gain!”, you will find yourself taking a quick trip out the door.

In the mean time, start reading with this: Penis Is Exhausted

Personally. I don’t think that anyone here should give or take any advice on a routine before reading all 15 pages of this: Injuries / Treatments


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Your post GlandMaster was certainly an eye opener. My wife would be very upset if I damaged my penis. Sometimes less is more.

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Goals - BPEL 8" EG 6"

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Originally Posted by ToolMan69er
Your post GlandMaster was certainly an eye opener. My wife would be very upset if I damaged my penis. Sometimes less is more.

Thanks, TM69’er. Many guys think that they can get the “quick fix” here, especially those that experience the “newbie pop”, but the reality is that PE is a project measured in years, and lasting gains come in fractions of an inch. I’ve been here over three years now, and I wish I had gotten here sooner, like before I experienced ED five years ago during a bout of “extreme pumping”.

I was fortunate: the physical damage was not permanent. Check the injury forums: others were not so lucky.

These forums are an invaluable resource if you just take the time to search them: there’s five years worth of posts on damn near every subject you can think of, including some very interesting stuff on the varied behavior of “talking monkies”


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