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Taking a break?

Taking a break?

Hey guys, is taking a week long break from PE (or maybe just slightly less) a big deal? I’ve been at it for about 1.5-2 months quite solidly, or should I just keep it up and ignore my want to relax for a few days?


It’s probably no big deal. In fact, it’s recommended in weightlifting to take a break every now and then to let your body fully recover and I imagine it’s the same for PE. 2 months would probably be a very good time to give yourself a week off and let your penis fully recover.

Awesome, thanks man! I know you’re supposed to cement gains, I won’t lose anything from just a week off will I?

You wont lose anything significant in a week. Whatever is left is most likely your cemented gain, or size. IMO, if you are currently gaining then dont stop. If your dick is telling you to take a break on the other hand then do so.

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