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Taking a break before I even got started.

Taking a break before I even got started.

Hello all !

I started the newbie routine about 6 weeks ago and I can’t get past a week and a half without having it turtle. It stays turtled for 1 to 3 days. The last time I worked out it stayed shriveled for about 2 weeks so I’ve decided to stop until the end of May which will give me 2 months to recuperate. I believe I was probably jelqing to hard, but I’m not sure.

My routine:
5 min warm up/down
Did 2 sets of stretches (down,up,left,right) & the clockwise/counter clockwise motion stretch
Started with 120 to 150 jelqs (occasionally 200 jelqs)

Sometimes while jelqing my weenie would feel fatigued.

Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong ?

Sounds like your over training,Do the newbie routine once and only 100 jelqs for the first week.Do it all 5 days a week 2 days off.

2ND week newbie routine,200 jelqs 5 on 2 off

3rd week newbie routine,300 jelqs 5 on 2 off

4Th week newbie routine,400 jelqs 5 on 2 off work up to 500 jelqs then continue the newbie routine until you stop gaining.

If you feel like your over training cut it back a bit

Try doing a longer warm up and half your hanging and jelqing time. I would suggest then slowly building up your routine, that is, slower than the newbie routine recommends. If you’re getting turtling that is so severe it lasts for weeks you’re either doing way more than your penis can handle or your performing one of the exercises seriously wrong. There is nothing wrong with doing less than what the newbie routine suggests.

So yes, reduce the volume of work you’re gonna do significantly and I would recommend reviewing proper jelqing technique. Remember, when jelqing, every stroke should feel pleasurable (not sexually) but just good. Like a nice massage for your penis. Strokes should be 3 - 5 seconds long. Good luck :)

I started PE last Oct. I made a quick gain but had the same problem as you about 1 month in. At that point I figured more would be better and really screwed myself up. So I took 3 weeks off and then restarted the newbie routine by working up very slowly to it doing light jelques and stretches, gradually increasing force. I also increased warm up time to 10 min. Minimum. First week back was VERY light so you could say I took a 4 week break. I took another 2 weeks to work back up to the full newbie. During the break I continued to apply heat and gentle massage as often as possible. I have finally come to realize that stretching was my main problem so I have minimized stretches to a very short light set after a good warmup. I have had virtually no turtling since and have seen some nice gains. Flacid generally hangs better than ever also. Bottom line - I’m beginning to believe I am a “less is more” guy. I also learned to believe what all the good gainers have said - this is a marathon, not a sprint, and everyone is different. My advice - go easy and figure out what works for YOU. Positive PI’s and good EQ seem to accompany any gains I have had.

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