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Symptoms of Venous Leak

Symptoms of Venous Leak

Hi people.. I know you guys can give me some help regarding an unusual thing going on with my tool lately..

I’m 25 y.o., and I’m quite surprised about a weird thing happening in my tool.. When I get a hard-on esp. During foreplay it would seem to be a normal thing of course, but suddenly a clear fluid goes out involuntarily from it although I haven’t engaged in an intercourse yet or have not reach an orgasm yet. I notice that when this happens, my erection will start to get weak until I lost it completely. I’m was very embarrassed the last time this happened.

Venous leakage is not your “problem.” The clear fluid is normal and is produced by the Cowper’s glands (also called bulbourethral glands) at the base of the penis (inside the body). The function of the clear fluid, called “pre-cum” by some, is to neutralize acid urine which may be in the urethra. Sperm cannot tolerate an acidic environment. The description of the functions of this fluid, as stated in this Wikipedia entry, is incorrect. It has nothing to do with lubrication or clearing the urethra of “foreign matter.”

If you look at this fluid as a problem, your loss of an erection is most likely psychological. You may feel something is “wrong” and thus you concentrate on that instead of having a good time with your partner.

Just so you know you have a second opinion, I agree completely with westla.

Now you can use the appearance of the clear fluid as a sign of good health and your erection should get even stronger. :)

Wow.. Thanks a lot folks.. It’s such a great relief. An additional info for so many things I learned in Thunder’s.

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