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Swollen meatus after PEing

Swollen meatus after PEing

Hi guys,

My routine is basically the newbie routine - warmup, stretch for a few minutes, jelq for about 15, stretch for a few minutes, warmup, kegels. While I’m doing stretches, the very tip, right at the meatus, seems to get a *little* too red, and remains a little swollen for a little while after the workout. It doesn’t hurt, but it looks like I might be doing something wrong. I want to say I’m gripping too hard with the stretches, but if I loosen the grip at all my penis will slip out and I won’t be able to maintain tension. The meatus also swells a little during jelqs, but not as much as with stretches.

This ever happen to anyone? Is this anything to worry about, or just a normal byproduct of a challenging workout? I guess the blood has to go SOMEWHERE, and the very tip is where it’s being forced.. And maybe I should stop complaining and thank my lucky stars that the penis can withhold that much pressure without popping!


Thank you very much,

Try using a square of toilet paper for your grip aid when you do the stretches. That way you probably won’t have to grip as tightly. It could just be how your body takes to PE. Does it subside by the next day? I’d take the fact that it doesn’t hurt as a positive sign, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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I dont think it is anyting bad necessarily. As long as there is no pan and you can still gain good erections then you are good.

For stretching grip try this, baby powder, or gripping below the glans kegel then stretch. Should work.

Hope it helps

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OK. Also: I have been dry jelqing, simply because I don’t want to deal with the mess and it’s much easier. I’m sorry if this question has been answered many times before, but is one kind of jelqing (wet/dry) preferable for newbies? I can really feel that the dry jelq is challenging.

For newbies, I think wet jelqing is better. I do dry jelqing from the start and I have had great length and girth gains. But, dry jelqing IMO is not for everyone, it is very intense and has a higher risk of causing injury than wet jelqing. Also, it is very heard on your hands. Just do the one which is most comfrotable to you.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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I do this kegel enhanced semi-wet-jelqing that works great, I feel a lot of pressure and I have gotten only minor spotting (which dissapeared the next day).

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