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Switching routine

Switching routine

I’d like to post this in the main member forum (it seems more appropriate there), but I can’t do that (to few posts, I suppose), I’ve been doing PE for like 8 months now, so, I’m hardly a newbie, but I guess post count trumps experience :D

Recently I switched my routine to 10min of “between the cheek stretching” and 10min of “horse 440”. I did this after hitting a platue for about 2 months. I’m currently at 7.49 (give or take) NBPEL and 5.48 (give-take) in girth. I want to get up to 8 inches, and my previous routine had no stretching what so ever, so I figured maybe starting that would help push me over the edge, so to speak.

What I’m curious about is what the best girth exercise is. I hear allot about something called ulies and “o-bends”, but no mention of them is made in the wiki, and searching for them only nets threads discussing there effectiveness, not how to do them.

Also, would you say (and I would love the opinion of the few female members this board has) 5.5 is enough to satisfy most women (I haven’t gotten many complaints so far, but who knows.)? Should I be satisfied, or, should I press on for another 1/2 inch. I’ve satisfied all my own ego problems girth wise already, I’m fine with what I have, what I want to know is, do you think it will be plenty for the “Mrs.”, or should I try for more?

Well, I started with 5.5” girth and Mrs V was in love with what I had. I started PE on Feb 1st and am now at 6” girth. She really seems to like it and moans and groans and seems to cum harder now. She has no idea I am PEing so maybe she thinks she is just getting tighter. Which is a possiblity as well, she has been going to a gym to work out 3-5 times a week now.

Anyway, I like ULIs and Horse440s. They are very close to the same exercise. Simply get your dick 50-75% erect. Do a manual clamp with your hand like you are going to jelk with an ok sign and your palm towards your dick head. As you are squeezing the shit out of it, take your middle, ring and pinkey fingers on the same hand and squeeze with them as well. now don’t squeeze to hard. There is a lot of pressure here and you can really do some damage. Hold this squeeze for 30 seconds. Do five of these in each hand. This is called a ULI squeeze.

Horse440s are close to the same, Except when you are manually squeezing take the other hand and squeeze the head. What this does is force all the blood from the head back down into the shaft. You will really feel it expand. Then again, be very carefull because there is a lot of pressure involved here. Hold this for 30 seconds as well.

I do a 20 minute workout in the morning and 15 minute workout in the eveing bath every other day. 1 day on and one day off. I am very happy with my gains so far and I think it has helped my already good sex life to get even better.

Hope this helps.


Well, I think I may have misused the term “horse 440”, the way it’s described in the wiki, it sounds like what I do, but the way you describe it, it doesn’t.

What I do is use a rubberband (instead of manually clamping), and then do a “regular” jelq with both hands (albeit, slower and lighter than usual).

If I understand your description of ULI’s correctly, I was doing those the entire time I had been PEing, and dropped them from my routine when I switched, as I saw no further gains, even when I increased the time to 7min (thats total time, not per squeeze)

Basically, I switched to the method of jelqing I do now, because I wanted a faster way to maintain (and possibly further) my length gains I had maid through jelqing; relying mainly on stretching to get anymore real length gains. My thoughts where that due to the high pressure of the jelqs I’m performing, I may even see some girth gains from it.. Though, I’ll probably get the “baseball bat” dick thing. But hey, if your using the thing right, appearance shouldn’t really matter, I suppose :D


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