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Switching for dry jelqing to wet

Switching for dry jelqing to wet

Hey guys, PEing has been pretty good as I’m sure I have gained already from the newbie routine. I wish I would have measured when I started but I didn’t. I’m currently around 7.2 BPEL and 6.6 or 6.75 NBPEL and 5.25 EG.still gaining from the newbie routine hopefully as it still hasn’t been a month since I started PEing. Anyways could switching from dry jelqing to wet jelqing shock the penis into growth? Or is a Jelq a jelq?

I’m not sure if there really is a difference between the two other than convenience and ease of use. Since it’s still only been a month try to continue whatever you’re doing (should be the newbie routine) and gauge how well it works for you. No need to rush things :)

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Oh I know, I’m not planning to change anything just trying to gain some PE knowledge! Thanks for the reply

I reckon a jelq’s a jelq.. My humble opinion backed only by common sense.

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It may depend more on erection level.

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I believe that a jelq is a jelq. Also dry jelqing is more convenient because it is not as messy as wet jelqing.

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Many have noted that lower erection jelqs are better for length, and higher are better for girth.

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I would say that wet jelqing is better suited for circumsized people. Dry jelquing might lead to sore skin for those I believe. If you are not circumsized it doesn’t matter, but I would recommend dry since you don’t have any mess or cleanup.

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I am circumcized, and I find it much easier to wet jelq then dry jelq…alas, I have to clean up the mess after :( . Oh well, small price to pay for my gains!


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It is still possible if you are circumcised, you just have to bring some skin down before you start the stroke. Your hand then does not move from the skin you are holding, you don’t slide over the skin as with wet jelqing.

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