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Swimming make it shorter ?

Swimming make it shorter ?

Do you think getting muscles from exercise (specially swimming) may make the EL shorter ?


I think the cold water is what does it.

We promote making the muscle most directly associated with the penis, namely the BC muscle, as fit and as strong as possible. This makes for the strongest erections and strongest orgasms.

Look at the article right at the top of the Home Page by westla for a complete explaination of the BC muscle and its importance to your sexual health.

Excercise, lass flab and more muscle should only help things

What I mean here: How the inner part of the penis is attached to the body ? If it is by some kinds of muscles, then what will happen if these muscles become stronger (Swimming, as you always move the legs). I’m asking this as I noticed I had an average of 0.5 in. more before involving in a swimming course. What should be the reason ?

Another point is, during the first two weeks when I started swimming, I had some pain in left leg (very close to the place where the two legs meet). That pain was more during erection. I justified this to something like tear in one of the muscles, may be the one which connect between the penis and leg (if there is one). May be that muscle when recovered, became stronger and give less space to the pennies to be erected. What do you think?

If you are not going to read the article I told you about on the top of the home page describing the BC muscle and male anatomy, I don’t know how else to help you.

Originally Posted by gprent101
I think the cold water is what does it.

Yeah, haven’t you ever seen seinfeld? :)

I used to swim competitively. Heavy swimming workouts every weekday and sometimes weekends. My flaccid would turtle up, but my erect size never changed a single knotch. If that really happened, you can bank on it that there would be no competitive swimming program in any city or school, in the world!



Thanks to all

Well, one thing is the fact for me, and I cannot find a reason; I got 1.5 cm by losing 12 kg of my weight. Then I lost 1 cm of this for the last 5 months, since I joined this swimming course. I know this effect may not be clear for those who swims since a long time, but what about the new swimmers. I mean, is there anyone who started to swim late in his life, and check the EL before and after?
You can feel which muscle becomes stronger with swimming, as you feel with some pain at the end of course (I’m talking about new swimmers). I feel the pain where the two legs meet. That is why I say the swimming may be the reason.
I also checked the pictures (mentioned above). If the BC and the IC become stronger, as results of swimming, can they pull the penis inside?


I’ve been a competitive swimmer my whole life. My unit was small when I started. I’m sure swimming didn’t make it smaller. Swimming is great for us older guys. Great muscle stress, low impact….

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

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