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Hello there,
It is my fifth session of PEing and I have experienced some swelling at the tip just below the glans of the penis although I am doing the newbie schedule as per the method.The swelling subsides after 4 hour from the time of PEing.Is this harmful or is because of over training(although I strictly go according to the schedule with respect to time and the no of jelq etc.).

What should be the angle of jelq for me-I am a low angle LOT.according to the videos on wet jelq I am doing jelq at low,high and the 90 degree.


Sounds like you’re having a bit of a donut effect. Nothing to worry about, you’re probably overdoing it a bit though. Back off a little bit on your jelqing pressure and read this thread for more details: Donut Effect

I never got a donut until I started clamping, even after a month of pumping. It wasn’t major, and it disappeared after an hour or two with no ill side-effects. Now (months later), they’re rare and much milder, even though the workouts are now considersbly more intense. I suspect they are a sign of over-stress and tend to go away as your member becomes more conditioned.

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