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If the dick gets really swollen after doing jelqing, (part of the head and the skin by the glands) what should you do? apply heat or cold?


It depends on what kind of swelling you are talking about. Does it appear to be fluid buildup under the skin (as in blisters) or is it a deeper type of swelling?

Its like a puffy swelling under the head where the string is on both sides and the head on that side has two puffy swellings, and the skin 1-3 centimeters under the head all around has got some swelling too. This time it is a minor swelling that has gone down a bit now. The first swelling I had after a workout was really big and puffy. Really freaked me out but it went away during the night. Is this fluid?

Sounds like fluid buildup. Harmless in and of itself, but can become a very serious impediment to your routine if you aggravate it enough to break skin.

You can gently massage these pockets of fluid away after a routine - or just leave them alone, which is probably best. Just avoid doing your routine if they haven’t fully dispersed, and wait until they are gone. Since they appear on the glans for the most part, you may be able to avoid them by shortening your jelq stroke a bit.

This type of problem happens with less frequency as you become more conditioned with time.

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