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Ok, I’ve been Jelqing and stretching for about a month now. This is what I have noticed. I seem to be getting harder erections, I seem to be ejaculating more. One question I have is, after my workouts, am I supposed to be seeing some type of swelling or something? I am not seeing any signs at all of swelling or anything of that sort.

I think most PE’ers notice a “pumped” dick after their workout (temporarily) — meaning that all that bloodflow and squeezing should make it look a little bigger than normal in the flaccid state right after a workout. Is this what you mean by swelling?

You will see more swelling when you are progressing later on in your PE carreer. Mine swelled from Jelqing after I would do about 300 or so.

Just food for thought and only PE within your limits (I’ve been at this for 10 months and I am BEGINNING the Horse440- so yeah take it easy)

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Am I supposed to be getting harder erections, and ejaculating more? Or is it just me? LoL.


Often when guys commence PE and with all of the additional penile stimulation and increased bloodflow to their dicks, they experience harder erections and feel a greater need for more ejaculations. So what you are experiencing is normal for many.


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