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Swelling with the AutoXleeve

Swelling with the AutoXleeve

I was wondering if anyone (or monkeybar?) has had any problems like mine with the AutoXleeve. Overall, it is a great concept and I believe well on the way to being the best ADS system around, but I notice two things about it:

1. When when I wear it with any weights, I quickly (after ~20 minutes) get clear fluid discharge and swelling of the urethra opening. I assume this is because of the suction created in the space between the weight and my penis — the weight stretches the silicone down creating a suction right by the head.

Has anyone else had this problem? Have you found a fix? One fix that monkeybar might try is to drill a hole through the weight so that there isn’t a seal.. the stretch & texture of the silicone should be enough to still hold the weight in place.

2. I swear that I feel lightheaded with this thing on. But then again I can’t think of any reason why this would be the case. Anyone else had similar experiences?

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