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Swelling and reduction in size after PEing

Swelling and reduction in size after PEing

Hi there, I’ve been only PEing for two days now and am doing a proper newbie routine that is safe.
My problem is that towards the end of my jelqing session I notice swelling in the skin of the penis, by the way I am uncircumcised. It starts to swell and then once I am finished jelqing, it swells more and more until the foreskin looks deformed. It doesn’t hurt or anything and goes away in a couple of hours. What I’ve noticed on these boards is that no one else is really speaking about this. Am I doing my jelqing wrong for this to happen or is it just a beginner thing to happen.
Secondly, my penis once flaccid after the jelqing goes very small, smaller than it’s original flaccid size. Is this okay as well?

If you guys could help me, it would mean alot to me to me because I don’t want to do all this stuff wrong. Cheers

re: swelling and reduction of size

Don’t feel too bad Matter.

I’ve been PEing as long as you have and experienced the same thing and it’s no big deal. Your skin will adjust, but a few drops of lavender oil in some vitamin E lotion does the trick for me.

I found the best thing to reduce shrinkage is to do a full warmup and light stretch followed by about 20 minutes of stroking on the day off. If time permits, do that twice a day.

Try that for a couple of weeks and see how that works for you.


Sounds like your having a fluid build up. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Just means you did a little too much jelqing. Your pushing fluid towards the end of your unit, not all of it is blood. It also sounds like you overworked it alittle bit too, thats why it’s smaller after a work out. Next time you jelq, stop when you notice it to swell. Your body will eventually get used to it and it won’t swell as much, if at all.

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Do you pull the skin back over the head when you jelq? I have found that it helps with the swelling, I have never had that problem when I pull it back.

Thanks for your help guys! It just seems weird that I get a lot of fluid build up compared to most other people.

Rufstuf you’ve been going as long as me, let’s keep in touch bro!


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