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Recently when i have been Jelqing, after an intense session my forskin around my dick seems to swell up and my head seems larger it subsides after a few hours, is this a bad sign and somehting i should be worried about or is it a sign of a good work out.


Sounds like fluid build up. No biggie. Shouldn’t be a problem as you get more experienced with PE or if you warmed up better.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

I believe it is called the donut effect where you are constantly applying pressure in an upward motion toward the head of your dick which causes fluid to be built up and collect there. It usually subsides within an hour or two and is no big deal. I get it all the time after jelging—in fact, whether or not I get this donut effect is how I judge whether or not I had a good jelging session.

Maybe you’re getting that fluid built up there because you are applying to much pressure. It’s like if your newbie don’t start with 5-sec strokes and 500 Jelqs, something like that. It was what happened to me, and whenever I was jelqing they appear.

Try this, when you go to 50 Jelqs retract your foreskin to the max and kegel, then continue, to avoid the fluid to build up so much. Do it for 10 seconds. ^_^


so is it a sign of a good work out if this happens,

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