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Is it just me or does anyone else sweat allot during the course of a PE session? Is it due to increased heart rate maybe?

Yeah, I sweat a little while PE’ing.

I prefer to jelq standing up, and, at times, become so engrossed in a PE session that I tense up. This can be surprisingly fatiguing, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you were doing the same.

I sweat a little while stretching. I guess whether you’re doing yoga or just pulling on your dick for 15 minutes, you can work up a sweat.

Oh, yes.

While kegeling, my anus and it’s neighbor areas, including stick, turn hot like chili pepper and it makes dry jacking(jelqing) quite hard due to sweat.

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Lost Penis!!! :helpme:

How fat are you people?


I am 6’2” 200lbs

Originally Posted by d_sut
How fat are you people?

The sweat response is quicker and stronger in people who exercise frequently.

I’m lean - 15% body fat. Side note though, I do keep my apartment pretty warm.

I don’t sweat at all, but I too also am pretty slim with only 14% body fat. I guess if you really get into the jelqs then you could work up a sweat.

Man who farts in church sits in pew...

I would think that time, intensity, and overall physical condition would all play a part in sweating during PE workouts. I don’t sweat, but if I am seated my arms are very fatigued by the end of 20 minute jelq session.

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