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Surprising gains, But . . .

Surprising gains, But . . .

First, a word to Thunder and the vets. Thanks for all you do to help guys improve their self confidence, and the constant positive tone of the responses. Now for the good news. I started Jan 5Th with just manual stretches and ADS use, based on vet suggestions to go long first then wide. By April 5Th (3 months) I had gained almost an inch in length (6” to 6 7/8” flaccid full stretch measurement). I assume it’s newbie gains resulting from soft tissue stretching vs cell growth, but I still like it none the less. My concern is that I’ve lost 1/4 inch in Girth (5.5 to 5.25). I checked the measures on three separate days and it’s not a mistake. Would appreciate any thoughts on the following:

1. Has anyone else experienced girth reductions? If so did it eventually comeback without focusing on girth exercises? I guess it’s possible that since I am focusing totally on length gains first that the increase in length has pulled inward on girth (like when you pull on a balloon.)

2. Should I just ignore it and still focus on length till I achieve length goals (8”) or should I start blending in some girth exercises (like clamping). My concern is that this will slow down length gains, but I don’t want to have a long skinny friend.

I plan to watch what happens next month (I measure 5Th of each month) and if it stays the same girth, then march on with length PE, if not start doing some clamping. Any comments appreciated. Thanks.

As a side note - My mate did notice the change in both directions, “Boy it looks longer, but not as wide.” No I haven’t shared my PE exercises with her, I just waved it off as part of my new physical exercise program (weight lifting and stuff)

I’ve have lost both length and girth a time or two, These are either fluctuations or you could be working it to hard. Or some other factor may be the cause like a new medication,stress,looking at ugly women, hehehe!

Congratulations on the inch, contrary to some belief systems growth does still occur after full conditioning is achieved, Perhaps slower growth, no growth for a period of time. Stay consistant.

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