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Surgical options

Surgical options

Has anyone used Dr Rosenthal in Beverly hills for suspensatory ligament surgery? I was referred to him by Dr Whitehead in NY whos ill.

Wanted some feedback, also (and I realize alot of you havent had surgery)

If you did, did you get a silicon disk put behind the base of penis to prevent retraction and enhance gains? I need 2 more inches to hit double digits which is my ultimate goal, and I finally have $$$ to pursue it



Here’s a very long thread about him. If you are considering him at all, read it.
- 8-Ball’s surgery progress picture thread

Hopefully he’ll be out of business soon anyways. At least I hope he is.

To clarify ?
Dr. Rheinschild = dr rosenthal? Bc they seem to be different doctors, or is it same guy w fake name?


I’m not writing a novel man, just looking for clarification, searching rosenthal brings up little concrete data just one guy with a turkey neck surgery.

I think they may be different doctors, that thread just came up and I remembered a doctor starting with an “R”, so sorry about that. I’m sure you’ll still find tons of info on Rosenthal though.

Yeah, the abbreviations can confuse many people from different countries who don’t speak English as a first language, so it’s for the best.

I don’t know if you have PE’d or not yet. If you have not, I would definitely recommend trying PE before surgery. My reproductive area is probably one of the last places I would want to be having surgery (other than the obvious heart/brain).

I did expirement with clomid 2 increase ball size, works amazing! But tends to cause me to breakout. Awesome stuff I love it if I could take 100mg a day for life without breaking out I would!

I have x9labs extender for post surgery stretch, tested it about a month, it works, it’s kind of gimmicky to get on.. Post op stretching is VIP I hear.

I don’t really trust West coast people (drs especially) but the guy in FL never returned my email so screw him.

My plans pretty conservative, suspensatory surgery, 10-20 cc silicon into glans, alloderm in 6 months after new length, I’ve read that if you get the length+girth you end up limiting the girth as the alloderm “spreads out” to fill the length,

And how cool is it to have dead people in your penis! (Hint don’t mention that to future gfs)

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