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Guys thanks for all of you (-:

How many from us in the site see result because the hang or jelq reduce the fat pad on the crotch?

So what about people with no fat pad I think that they see less result

What you think?

And if someone can recommended on good pump

Someone see result with pump here?

We have had a few guys from the forums go ahead with surgery. Non of them recommend it after the fact.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I talk about hang and jelq

I think that most guys that see big result have more fat in the crotch

And the hang and jelq reduce the fat so it look like that they made gain

But people with no fat on the crotch maybe see less gain

What you think?

And please if some here have an experience with pump?

Its help? Its work?

Where can I find good pump?

Get a pump mate and all your problems will be solved it is the best thing you will buy for PE and you will never look back.

Hanging and Jelqing has nothing to do with the fat pad, Jelqing helps with both length and girth by increasing blood flow to the shaft causing micro tears forcing the tissues to grow while healing to accommodate the new pressure.

Hanging adds tension to the penile tissue encouraging them to grow in length, trying to decrease that tension. Little to none were the reported shaft girth gains from hanging while there are reports of base girth gains though.

You can also take a look at these:
Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory
Supra’s Slammer (a la MOS)
Sadsak Slinky - Repost from old Big Penis Forum

Also note that the fat pad doesn’t entirely prevent use of the “hidden” part of the penis.

Good Luck


And what is a pump mate?


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