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I need to know the Floriad doctors website I think his name is DR REED I know I have asked this question before but I lost my pc in a fire and donot have my favorites which DR Reed is on I will look through old post but If someone knoe off the top of there head please speak up. And also has anyone had surgery by this doctor. I have seen his work and it looks legit. And he als recomends a 6 month wait between procedures. WHich is good I think. Ald I will be haveing the lengthing with him in JAN of 06. So pleas do not ride my ass guys I have been working with pe for 2 years and had little to no results, and yes I have changed up my routines.

THanks Guys

How dare you even consider surgery! Havent you considered switching up your routine? :-) Sorry, I have no useful information for you but there are a couple people here that are pretty well schooled on the various surgeons around the country. 8-Ball has recently gone through the surgery and has a lot of information on the topic.

Yes. Definitely speak with 8-ball before going under the knife.

- 8-Ball’s surgery progress picture thread

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Read 8-Ball’s thread first if you have any concerns. Happy reading, because that’s like 41 pages worth of crap to digest. :D

It is vital that you read 8 Balls thread and then read all the posts at the yahoo enlargment group. Surgery is not an option and any doctor performing it should be treated with caution. There have been about ten members who have posted that have had the surgery and only three have been pleased with the results, the others, including myself have been left fairly devestated. Of the three that seem pleased with their results two have posted pictures, Mindseye and Crashex. Both of these pictures show very strange looking penis’s, so I don’t think the average guy would be pleased with the outcome of their surgery. The only reason that I believe that it has not been outlawed is that it is not spoken about as it is a taboo subject, much more so than other forms of cosmetic surgery. Do you think that if Rhinoplasty or Face lifts had a 70% dissatisfaction rate they would still be carried out? Understanbaly men don’t want to disscuss the fact that they felt they had a small penis and then paid money for it to be enlarged only for them to be left dissfigured. As a result bad experiences stay hidden away. Before finding these message boards I thought I had just been unlucky and was a victim of rare complications, I have since discovered I am part of a majority not a rare minority.

Thanks guys and yess I have read 8balls long thread. I have thought about this since I was late teens hell I did not eve hit puberty until I was 17 and I was 18 before my voice changed I am 25 now. I am not totlay sure about it, I think I am going to have pubic lipo first then see how things look I am not a really overweight guy but I have a large fat pad, without the fat pad wich was not ther when I was 22 I was a hair shy of 7 inches, and I am about 5 to 5.25 girth. I have thought long and hard about this and I will be doing pubick lipo first so all is well guys and thanks for you concern.

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