Thanks Mr. Happy,

I most certainly use the wrapping. Don’t want to get any injuries. I have recently started using an Ace wrap. It’s comfortable and allows the option of leaving it on after clamping for a kind of ADS. I use a velcro tie-wrap to seal it up.

The following is from my previous post.

3 or 4 10 minute sets of clamping using 1 to 4 clamps with a cotton cloth wrap (includes kegels, with shaft and head squeezes, and slight bending).

Thanks again and all the best to fellow PEers.

Commitment, Dedication And A Positive Attitude (measure gains on rest days) My Motto: "fill her up!".

2007-05-13 BPEL=7.250 EG=5.500 FL=5.500 FG=4.000 EW=1.751 EV=17.452

2008-03-01 BPEL=8.250 EG=6.250 FL=7.875 FG=5.500 EW=1.989 EV=25.645