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Supplements or creams for PE

Supplements or creams for PE

Sorry if there was another topic with this subject but I could not find it. I recently found some topics on a forum about a plant named “SCHINDUF”, you can find tea and other supplements with this plant and especially creams, does anyone knows if it has any effects on jelqing ?

It’s said that this plant induces the production of testosterone on man, so I guess it would affect a little bit on girth, besides that it doesn’t have much to do on the growth area it’s more of a natural viagra, I heard of supplements including L-arginine are good for PE but I don’t have self experience on that but I already used a revitalizing cream instead of vaseline to perform the wet jelq actually the doctor recommended using this kind of cream while performing PE

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

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I heard nitric oxide it’s good too, I will try schinduf cream for a while to see if it has any effects

L-Arginine increases Nitric Oxide.

I have used NO2 by MRI for exercise purpose and it was great. And while on it erections seemed harder and overall better. I even felt that my orgasms and ejaculations were stronger and fuller, as in I could push out a bigger load.
It increases blood flow everywhere. When I’m better economically it will be my supplement of choice again.

Height = 5' 2", Weight = 170, Age = 24, Uncut, Starting Size = Current Size ~ BPEL = 6 14/16 ~ 7 Inches, MG = ?, BG = ?

Current Goal ~ BPEL = 8 Inches

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I am a diabetic and I use Diabetiderm cream which contains 1% l-argentine on my feet to improve circulation and prevent cracking. So far I have not noticed my toes getting any bigger.

I am hoping to find some information on some creams or something to put on my junk after a hanging session the top end gets a little tender from the skin getting stretched, I am using Cetaphil (cream sold in some hospitals) and some mineral oil before and it helps but sometimes it feels like the skin is tearing a little. Is there a list or a forum where members have all written down there special concoctions(Tried adding vitamin E but it is really viscous and hard to spread over tender skin)?

Any arnica cream or gel will do. Arnica seems to mitigate bruising and soreness. Quite a few of us have found it useful. Particularly after hanging or clamping.

I like this one: Traumheel. There are other brands as well.

They come in either a cream or a gel. I use either one or the other, depending on the circumstance.

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Has anyone used that $150 DHT get yet?

@bixey5o, Are you getting red spots or lines?

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