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Supplements, devices, PE

Supplements, devices, PE

Hey guys. I just started PE on the 16th. But I also have Pr o Sol ution Pills. And a X 4labs extender.. And I want to get a pump (for girth). I’m gonna do the newbie routine before I start adding any devices. But is it OK to take the pills now? I want my overall goals to stay permanent tho. Is it true the supplements like the Pro solution pills are not permanent? I know there’s ways to keep the pumping permanent. But I want to do a system that stays permanent.

While Starting the Newbie Routine + Pill
Then after 2 months pumping and Using the extender + PE

Does this sound good?

I just want to know if it’s going to mess up my unit if I do, do this. So let me know what I should do please. Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Throw the pills in the trash, or get your money back, if you can.

Whats your opinion on why I should do this?

Originally Posted by Scott88

Whats your opinion on why I should do this?

Because all they’re good for is circulation. You could buy Ginkgo for a fraction of the price and have the same effect or drink 2 cups of green tea each day.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

What TS said and thunder said. Those pill are a scam.

Nature’s vasodilators will cost you less and do more for you — improves circulation = harder erection. A harder dick is a bigger dick, as thunders member Kingpole likes to say

— green tea
— gingko biloba
— l-arginine
— garlic pills

NOW as to your plan to add devices after two months on the newbie routine.

Here is a better way to approach it. Do the newbie routine as long as it is working. Why stop a program at two months if it is making you bigger?

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Ok I gotcha now. I’ll just try to sell them or something. Thanks guys for the info.

And sta-kool, I hear you and your right hands down. I was just thinking to add a pump or something to help increase my girth a little better. I was going to wait two months so that my unit is some what conditioned first before adding the device. I was going to introduce a couple sets of pumping into my newbie routine. Not stop the newbie routine all together.

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