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Supplements and PEbible, helpful??

Supplements and PEbible, helpful??

So I have been seeking about pay sites and there is one that got some good reviews and I have spoken with a few that have tried it and don’t think it’s a scam. I am sure you know it. The PEbible offers apart from exercises (that I am sure you can also find here) some supplements that claim to stimulate growth chemically thru hormone stimulation.

I would like to hear some peoples opinion about that site and also ask if there are people who have gained that think his good results have come also from supplements or “weird” stuff that have to do with hormones. I have spoken with people in this site that take L-argentine for example. The only thing that makes good sense to me is having a complete diet and have some supplement to boost blood circulation.

The PEbible is a rip off, pure and simple. The material is lifted from here.

Some supplements can help in recovery and healing but none of them will give you a larger unit. PEbible used to recommend taking DHT without also advising that it causes hair loss in men. Your most important supps are rest, healthy diet, and proper hydration.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

this seems to be a nice wise advise. thanks man. Have you tried Pebible personally?

I see all these is like anythign in live that is worth doing, gotta be consistent, bet and try new things but never getting crazy, and always believe.

As stated all over the place, if there is a price then it’s probably a rip off.

thank you memento.

I guess if someone really gained from following that meticulously, he would let us know in Thunders a while ago…. funny the author spent good money paying fake reviewers from all races and countries hehe….

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I’d have to say it’s hard to fault Darius. He looks so happy now.

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what does that mean about Darius? In just one week he realized TP was that good? 48”, lmao what joke is this? haha

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L-arginine or any kind of supplements can make your erection harder, better therefore some think it stimulates growth.

Just my thoughts.

Then, yeah I guess he had to pay and we tend to believe videos more.

Overview of HGH for anti aging: Anti Aging Programs

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These are very detailed threads, that will probably answer most of you questions, like why you need to inject directly into the penis.

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Merci memento.

Nice thread. I don’t see anyone giving good advise about it. I have read several times that for micropenis treatment Is first extenders and then surgery. If common medicine had an hormone treatment they would use it for these cases, especially if they can make such a good business.

The only weirdest thing that seems reliable because I’ve spoken to a surgeon is injecting your fat.

So have anyone tried and succeeded with chemicals? I guess 99% of cases are unsuccessful. Anyone could debate my statement?

Read the Chemical PE thread and the linked threads, if you want an answer to that one. Sometimes there aren’t snappy shortcuts to knowledge.

Just about all penis enlargement surgery should be considered experimental and not likely to produce the desired results. Something to consider if you want to be your own horror story.

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Injecting chemicals in your penis without any andrologist supervision seems to me as crazy as surgery performed by a surgeon. Of course I have never considered one or the other. I’m a student and I’m just curious.

It is true I have to read deeply into that thread get some knowledge. So far what I know is that no doctor would prescribe these stuff unless you really need it, so doing it secretly looks way too weird and risky.


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