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Supplements and Exercises

Supplements and Exercises

Hi all,

Just wanted to get your opinion on a few things.

I’m starting to take a couple of different pills to help with EQ which are L-Arginine and Royal Jelly what do you recommend I take in dosage every day to see an improvement?

Also I want to start pumping and hanging soon but I have not done any PE at all, Is this a good idea?



NO, not a good idea.

Read newbie material.

Follow newbie material.

There is reason behind it all. If you can’t be bothered researching the reasons, then just trust that newbie routine is best for you. Start hanging/pumping after couple months if newbie routine isn’t giving you gains (but keep doing it as well).

Do an advanced topic search for your supplements for dosage.

Welcome to forumz :)

Do be aware of potential health complications if you have herpes or some other low level viral infections as L-arginine can trigger an outbreak.

Daily L-arginine doses are measured in grams, not mg. Buy it as a bulk powder rather than capsules and pay about $20/lbs. Shop bulknutrition and

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks guys, also wondered what is the best exercise for Premature ejaculation?


Originally Posted by steve_guk
Thanks guys, also wondered what is the best exercise for Premature ejaculation?

Edging, probably.

Kegels. Lots of kegels.

Work up to 20 minutes of 5 second max strength kegels followed by 20 minutes of max duration kegels. That’s right. 40 minutes of kegels! 1 day on 1 day off. Your beast will become a machine! Or your machine will become a beast! Hmm, either way you’ll be happier and more in control.

Make sure you slowly build up to doing that many kegels.

I agree with Tweak. Newbie routine. I saw most of my gains simply by following that. After 3-4 months, you can add routines to your workout, but let your dick decide what is needed and safe.

Kegels and edging are good for improving stamina. I edge on weekend nights for several hours. Apply some Albolene (or lube of your choice) and stroke while watching regular TV. If you get too soft, slip over to a porno for 10 minutes, then back to regular TV. I can go two hours easy this way (sometimes more) and sometimes fall asleep - dick in hand. You shouldn’t feel that you must cum, just enjoy the sensation for the duration.

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