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Supplemental help

Supplemental help

Guys, I am 46 years old and yes, there is a slight loss in erectile function; however, not when aroused.

I have been doing PE WITH supplements for two years. I feel like a walking drug store taking so much L-argine, Ginko and whatever. I don’t want to keep buying and taking all these chemicals.

Here is my question; If I keep working on PE, will the loss of L-Arigine and other supplements cause a loss in gains? I would rather be drug free and healthy.

L-arginine helps with cell division and healing, so you might have to take longer breaks, but other than that I don’t think it will be that big of a deal. I found out it’s actually a lot better to eat peanuts than take l-arginine anyway, as there are 3.08 grams of l-arginine per 100g of peanuts (not that many at all!) and thats the same as I was taking per day of l-arginine anyway and a hell of a lot cheaper + your body can break it down better.

If you’ve had issues with ED, I’d take a small break from PE and those drugs and after a week or so, see if your function improves any. If not, you might want to see a doctor who can examen the penis and make sure nothing is leaking or anything like that and possible perscribe an ED drug. PE should help with ED, so if you cut it out and it improves, it means your workout was to intense and you need to cut back.


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